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Kids Yoga classes

When: every Thursday (3:30 to 4:30pm)
Private Home in Topanga Canyon Blvd

Description. For ages 3 to 9
Come join a fun & mindful environment with your friends. Breathing & moving are an essential part of growing up as a resilient human being.
Through themed classes inspired by children themselves you will gain applicable world knowledge, practice balance & mind-body coordination, as well as gain confidence in expressing yourself creatively. Positive affirmations and musical elements combined in each class.
Come with a water bottle, comfortable clothes, bare feet and your favorite mat.

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Photo credit Mindvalley (MVU Pula, 2019)

Nature Yoga class and Sound Journey
(private classes available upon request)

Where: Topanga Canyon, indoor or outdoor depending on weather conditions

every Monday
from 6:30 to 7:45pm

Sound Journey:
RSVP for private sessions
on weekends

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Baby & Me Yoga

Ages: 4 to 18 months old

Come join an educational and explorative journey for your little one, while giving you a moment to admire their discoveries. With a combination of movement, breathing, eye contact, music, textures & play a deep sense of connection will be cultivated.
Come with your usual baby gear to maximize your baby’s comfort, a water bottle and a blanket.

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Outdoor classes for all ages
(available for individuals, groups, schools & families)

Photo credit: Daana Blu (Venice, 2019)
Photo credit: Mindvalley (MVU Pula, 2019)

Book your class and choose a combination of the following services:

Academic knowledge,
Yoga & Martial Arts,
Aboriginal skills & Herbology,
Ethnobotanical knowledge,
Conscious group activities,
Creative music exploration.

Tutoring available per request

Where: Outdoor locations throughout
Topanga Canyon & LA county
When: find a date that works for you
Who: ages 3+

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