Kids Yoga class

Where: Pacific Palisades,
Outdoor area at a private home

every Monday from 4:15 to 5:15pm

For ages 4 to 10

Themed Yoga, Mindfulness and Environmental awareness

Contact for more details

Photo credit Mindvalley (MVU Pula, 2019)

Nature Yoga class and Sound Journey
(private classes available per request)

Where: Topanga Canyon, indoor or outdoor depending on weather conditions

every Monday
from 6:30 to 7:45pm

Sound Journey:
RSVP for private sessions
on weekends
Contact for more details

Yoga on the Mountain (free event, reservations required)

Online videos:

Next in-person dates:
November 20th 2021
December 11th 2021
January 29th 2022
February 26th 2022
March 26th 2022

or call 805-370-2302

Outdoor classes for all ages
(academic tutoring available)

Photo credit: Mindvalley (MVU Pula, 2019)

Academic knowledge, Mindfulness, Yoga, Martial Arts, aboriginal skills, ethnobotanical knowledge, conscious group activities,
Creative music exploration

Tutoring available per request

Where: Outdoor locations throughout
Topanga Canyon
When: every Wednesday after 4pm
Who: ages 7+

Send email to: to book

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