Classes, retreats & collaborations

Our services are available for individual classes & workshops, events memorials, retreats private/group therapies, as well as homeschooling & enrichment classes.

Yoga on the Mountain. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Event sponsored by WNPA

KIDS of the EARTH (ages 4 to 11)

Kids’ Yoga Classes
Movement & World knowledge

Outdoor environmental education
Mindfulness, Nature Games,
Environmental Sciences & Fun

Creative Expression Workshops
Music & Self-confidence

Childcare (ages 1+)

Baby & me Yoga (ages 0-2)
Fun, movement & breathing
with infant and parent/guardian

Photo credit Mindvalley (MVU Pula, 2019)

TEENAGE FIRE (ages 11-19)

Yoga for Youth(C)

Creative Expression
Music & Self-confidence

Music lessons
Drum, Strings & Didgeridoo

Tutoring & Mentorship (most subjects)

Outdoor education
Academic knowledge, Mindfulness, Yoga, Martial Arts,
aboriginal skills, ethnobotanical knowledge &
conscious group activities

ADULT SPACE (all ages)

Kundalini Yoga

Sound healing sessions

Creative Expression Workshops
Rhythm, Music, Melody & Self-confidence

Music lessons
Drum, Strings & Didgeridoo

Breath techniques/Pranayam


Multi-instrumental acoustic
Sound healing sessions

Qi-Gong & Sound

Live Music


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