Oak Tree Club After School Program

What is Oak Tree Club?

Oak Tree Club (OTC) is an after-school program run by the Yoga of Elements team on the Manzanita School Campus located in the beautiful mountains of Topanga Canyon (CA). This program upholds core values of inclusivity, self empowerment, equality & freedom.

OTC is a hub for grades K-8 to gather, and decompress after school, while co-creating consistency, commitment & accountability. We have multiple dynamic staff members & specialists and are therefore able to split the groups up to K-1st grade and 2nd-8th grade. There is flexibility in this grouping if another grade prefers to be with a different group. There will be times when we all grades come together as a whole as well.

What does OAK TREE Club offer?

OTC responds to the needs of the students, their families and the Manzanita community. Throughout the variety of activities included in the program, students get opportunities to be mentored, take charge as leaders, express their creativity & passions. Mindfulness & fun kid friendly yoga, self-empowerment, an active vitality sports program, sustainability & service are key components of Oak Tree Club.

Services provided at OAK TREE Club

Academic Support

  • Mentorship & Tutoring
  • Language Education & Homework assistance
  • Council & team building activities 
  • Environmental Education
  • Fun Science


  • Yoga, wellness,
    dance, meditation & mindfulness
  • Socio-emotional &
    Self-management techniques
  • Life skills education
  • Planning, Building & Tool Safety
  • Sports, Hiking & Fitness
  • Cooking & Nutrition

Outdoor Education

  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Hiking & Nature Exploration
  • Animal Care

Creative Expression

  • Arts, Crafts & Legos   
  • Music & Dance classes
  • Story Time  
  • Improvisation & acting games

Youth initiative

  • OAK TREE Youth Club
    for Grades 3rd-8th
  • Board Games, Magic,
    Music appreciation, Manga & Comics literature circles
  • Transition space for kids going to other after-school providers on campus

What makes OTC stand out from other programs?


We are teaming up with the Manzanita School & Institute staff that upholds the same values of responsibility, youth empowerment, positive action & community. We also hire experienced specialists coming from an array of disciplines to provide solid content with adaptive approaches for all students to feel safe, seen & supported. Our team is constituted of educators & professionals with a strong passion for what they do.
Feel free to acquaint yourself with our partners: WoW Learning Lab & Love Activists.

Learning Environment

Our activities are facilitated on an expansive outdoor campus offering a clean environment for all students to explore & harness an essential connection to themselves, nature & their surroundings We also have an indoor cozy classroom space for the students when needed, for any relevant weather conditions.
Clean air, water & food is provided to our students daily. School of Lunch provide our snack with the freshest ingredients outsourced from local farmers markets. View their website for more information.

All inclusive, responsive & expansive

We believe in sharing the tools that empower wellbeing to young children, teenagers, of all backgrounds, genders & convictions. The aim of OAK TREE Club is to promote awareness of self, environmental consciousness, social cohesiveness, while encouraging youth to take leadership initiatives. Conscious communication tools, mindfulness techniques, as well as care for all beings are key aspects of this program. By promoting conscious activism this program prepares students to be respectable movers and empowered shakers of the world.

How do I sign up for OAK TREE Club?

The first step is to complete our online survey which will allow you to sign-up according to your needs & preferences. OAK TREE Club aims at accommodating families by offering versatile registration options.

The second step is to read the FAQ sheet and aquaint yourself with the program.

The last step is sending an email to Dawn Geer at dawn@manzanitaschool.org to move forward with your commitment by giving you a prompt response with tuition details, payment options & documents to be signed.

We look forward to have you join the OAK TREE Club Community!

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