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Dawn Geer.

Native to California, Dawn is a preschool and Kindergarten teacher and has been working in the early childhood development field as an educator for 18 years. She is an experienced and certified teacher able to combine different educational approaches: Montessori, R.I.E and Waldorf. After opening her preschool in Malibu (CA) she went on to teach English as a second language to children in foreign countries. While teaching in South Africa she got her Yoga4Kids teacher training. Dawn embraces the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Kundalini Yoga (KRI and Yoga for Youth trainings). She considers the relationships to self, others and to Nature as the highest teachers.

Gregoire Thiry.

Gregoire has an international background in Environmental, Educational and Social Sciences (Master’s degree), while having a strong connection to the natural environment and ancient traditions. His advocacy for nature’s protection took him to different continents and allowed him to remind the younger generations about sustainable actions. Through his travels in South-Africa he got trained to bring mindfulness, meditation and yoga to children (Yoga4Kids). Being a multi-instrumentalist he believes that music has a strong healing and community building potential and is currently co-facilitating events across Los Angeles. Committed to his Kundalini Yoga practice he is involved in Yoga for Youth, as well as Love Activists to teach in underserved communities of the city.


Love Activists LA

Instagram: @loveactivists

Yoga for Youth.

WoW- World of Wonder Learning Lab.

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