Our Mission

Education through Yoga, Mindfulness,
Environmental Sciences, Music
and Creative Expression

The target of this educational program is to spread environmental, consciousness, social cohesiveness, communicate mindful techniques through breath and movement while promoting an attitude of awareness to youth and adults. The vision carries tools and teachings from different traditions: Yogic Philosophies, Mindfulness (Thich Nhat Hanh), Western and Eastern Sciences.

Arrows of values promoted by “Yoga of Elements”

Through the combination of different resources, expression through creative arts and community values this program targets to offer a multifaceted content. Hence, the student is exposed to a diversity of lenses through which it is possible to see and interpret our world.

Yoga of Elements is placing the students at the center of the learning activities varying from individual to group tasks. The curriculum we created makes room for creativity and spontaneity in order for students to thrive according to their aspirations and inquiries.
In other words physical, emotional, cognitive and social learning tools empower students while stimulating their interest to
“question the answers”.

Yoga of Elements (YoE) promotes values of equality and tolerance adaptable to all belief systems that show reverence and respect for other traditions.
The goal is to close generational, socio-economic, and cultural gaps by bringing forth various teachings in a practical, applicable and transferable manner. The message is of peace and unity among people, while highlighting the importance of education and self-empowerment.

Through the program proposed by Yoga of Elements students learn how to apply conscious listening, accept different world views, while understanding the importance of nature conservancy. By expressing the importance of conscious activism this program is aiming to prepare them to be respectable movers and empowered shakers of today.
Our aim is to bring the content of our work to all traditions and
socio-economic classes; in traditional school districts, underserved urban areas, after school programs, as well as reservations.
Yoga of Elements also targets to reach all youth growing in an environment that threatens the integrity of their education, health and well-being.

Including both indoor and outdoor activities our content can be adapted to existing school requirements and curriculum, home schooling initiatives, enrichment programs and recreational activities.

Parents & Educators wanting to direct their children towards an understanding of environmental sciences, yoga, mindfulness, philosophical studies and communication, will also be interested by the content proposed by Yoga of Elements.