Education through Yoga, Mindfulness,
Environmental Sciences, Music and Creative Expression

Yoga of Elements is placing the students at the center of the learning activities varying from individual to group tasks. The curriculum we are creating makes room for creativity and spontaneity in order for students to thrive according to their aspirations and inquiries.

“By promoting conscious activism this program prepares students to be respectable movers and empowered shakers for today and tomorrow”

Arrows of values promoted by “Yoga of Elements”

Our aim is to bring the content of our work to all traditions and
socio-economic classes; in traditional and private school districts, under-served urban areas, after school programs, as well as native reservations.
Yoga of Elements also targets to reach all youth growing in an environment that threatens the integrity of their education, health and well-being.

Parents & Educators wanting to direct their children towards an understanding of environmental sciences, yoga, mindfulness, philosophical studies and communication, will also be interested by the content proposed by Yoga of Elements.

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