HAWAII – Big Island – August 10th to 15th 2022

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HAWAII – Maui – August 17th to 22nd 2022

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Playa de las Tortugas – Nayarit – Mexico

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Next year’s retreat will be hosted from June 26th through July 2nd 2022 in Nayarit Mexico at Playa de las Tortugas. This intimate, small group retreat (5-10 people) focus on alleviating stress and calming mental clutter to create more tranquility, relaxation, and well-being. It is a getaway facilitating a time-out while promoting educational immersions cultivating our mind-body-spirit connection.
This retreat can accommodate families as we can lead activities for children and teens 
(yoga, nature hikes, nature-based learning, mindfulness activities, artistic explorations, ocean adventures and much more).
This will allow you to thrive and relax while your younger ones are being held in safe hands.

Dates: June 26th through July 2nd 2022
Fee pp.: $2599 USD (early bird)
$2799 (regular price)
Special price for families

During this retreat you will gain and enjoy…
• Valuable tools to create a solid foundation for spiritual growth

• Energy healing therapy sessions to clear, release, unblock, and

• Knowledge of our energy system and spiritual teachings to help
guide you in your life

• Hypnotherapy and mind-body techniques to create a deeper
connection to your spiritual essence

• Understanding how to monitor and protect your energy body

• Guidance how to follow your intuition and stay connected to your
inner being throughout your daily life

• A delightful stay in a safe, comfortable and beautiful accommodation

• Airport transportation to and from the retreat

• Delicious healthy vegetarian gourmet cuisine made with love you
can taste!

• Energizing and beneficial yoga and Pilates practices and a variety
of helpful meditations

• Personal herbal and nutritional guidance

• Knowledge of the ancient art of Feng Shui to create a positive
energy flow in your life

• Fun, creative, and colorful artistic experiences, ocean and nature
adventures, and 3 hours of personal relaxation time each day

• A scenic and insightful trip to the local El Cora waterfalls and a
lunch of regional specialties on enchanting Las Islitas Beach

• Plus pre-retreat and post-retreat support and awesome bonuses!

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